Wedding Light Decoration Ideas


Wedding Light Decoration Ideas. Pick a deep ocean blue or even navy blue. A deep glowing blue is reminiscent of the sea. It may be paired with natural colors similar to brown and tan, or perhaps bright colors like sliver. The natural brown shades mimic the sand, although silver adds an elegant appear of color.

Choose coral formations, fuchsia and orange shades. These bright colors enhance the sunset and be noticeable among the muted shades of the particular natural beach. This shade scheme draws attention to typically the decorative accents of the wedding celebration. Consider aqua and fruit. The aqua color matches the blue waters, as the orange is reminiscent of often the sunset. This color blend can be used for a playful and also casual reception or a stylish and romantic reception. Choose beige and pink. Wedding Light Decoration Ideas Typically the beige tones mimic the actual sand, while the pink provides a soft glow of coloring. The pink tones can differ from a bright honeysuckle pinkish to a muted powdery lilac. The beige and red color combination blends along with the beach setting, and provide the warm, romantic color palette.

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