Wedding Decoration Ideas


Wedding Decoration Ideas. Against the advice of the mother and my day-of wedding coordinator (a advantageous splurge, but that's a various story for a different day), the one thing I just didn't worry about for my wedding day had been the flowers. I wanted an attractive wedding, sure. But Knew that you could have a really stunning event without even a bloom in sight.

I ended up purchasing a few boxes of blooms from an online florist in addition to assembling bouquets and simple reception hall decor with a little help coming from my friends (queue Ringo Starr), Wedding Decoration Ideas but it was a hell of the lot of work. Work that every needed to get done in the 3 days before the wedding. Building your centerpieces from nonliving objects (or in some cases, residing ones that are permanently potted) is sometimes a more affordable choice than hiring a florist, it also grants you the one luxurious you can't buy in a shop: time. So here are fifteen beautiful non-floral centerpiece tips to get your creative juices moving.

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