Willy Wonka Party Decoration Ideas


Willy Wonka Party Decoration Ideas. Since the guests arrive (the types on time), have them wait around out front (Willy Wonka songs playing). Dave gets there as Willy Wonka on the scooter with a large Watts on it. He talked for them for a minute and informs them he forgot it absolutely was the day of the factory trip and he didn't know the reason why they were there. He prospects them inside.

Willy Wonka Party Decoration Ideas. Have children sign the traditional WW agreement on the wall w/sharpie as well as feather for quill
Once we wait for other arrivals, possess "Charlie Bucket" burping competition: pass out sodas and then have got kids go up stairs attempting to burp; everytime they burp they get to go up 1 step.
Lickable wallpaper dangling in foyer

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