Bridal Shower Decor 2016


Bridal Shower Decor, If you're concerned with your party seeming "put together" and having continuity from commence to finish, it is a good idea to get a bridal shower theme. Themes can be as simple as choosing a few colors you like and threading them throughout the party, or as elaborate as showcasing a certain designer. Most themes are fun and brimming with potential.

Potted and fresh herbs make good decorations. Bridal Shower Decor, Appetizers and puddings can be arranged in tiers. Petit-fours and green tea sandwiches or cookies make especially pretty tiered ornement. Certain foods, like parmesan cheese fondue or chocolate fountains, are decorative enough to be centerpieces on their own. Using the food to fill out the accessories keeps both costs and cleanup down and makes a unique look.

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