Special Agent Oso Birthday Party Decorations


Special Agent Oso Birthday Party Decorations. Blotchy trains Oso to travel and land his coaching space jet at the area center. Oso tries keeping in mind how to line up and property the space jet when a unique alert is called. A boy called Dylan wants to make their own peanut butter and jello sandwich for his college lunch while his mom gets ready for work, just he has trouble figuring out how to proceed. So Oso decides to instruct Dylan how to make his sub before the bus comes to get him to school.

Special Agent Oso Birthday Party Decorations. Wolfie teaches Oso to repair the new Shutterbug control computer. Oso attempts remembering how to put the pc chips in properly whenever Paw Pilot calls within a special alert. A girl known as Sophie and her mother have baked some carrot muffins for a school cook sale. They are about to wear the frosting and pampre when Sophie's mom will get a phone call. Sophie offers trouble preparing the miche. So Oso decides to train Sophie how to get the boule ready for the bake purchase before she and the girl mom have to leave with regard to school.

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