Gold 30th Birthday Decorations


Gold 30th Birthday Decorations. Primary Street was extensively improved in late 2010. A roofing was constructed over a little portion of Main Street close to the entrances for Nickelodeon Main and Ocean Parade. The actual IMAX Theatre was refurbished to become a fully functioning cinema named the Dreamworld Movie theater. The Marketplace was renovated to incorporate two additional entry points with regard to guests.

Gold 30th Birthday Decorations. To kick off the actual celebrations of its thirtieth birthday, Dreamworld hosted summer time Funomenon from 27 Dec 2010 through to 21 Jan 2011. The Summer Funomenon showcased ten new shows only for the summer school holiday time period. Dreamworld were originally thinking about showing SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D in their newly renovated theater, however , at the last minute these people changed the film towards the Curse of Skull Stone 3D.

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