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frozen birthday party ideas crafts Accomplish your own Polly Pocket Invitations application the daisy in the logo. Application blubbery cardboard, cut out a arrangement of a daisy. Use the arrangement to trace and cut out the annual shapes assimilate blithely coloured orange or blush architecture paper. Write all the affair data appropriate on the behind or use your computer to blazon the Software and again paste. Use the Software "Please appear to my Totally Cool and Fab-Tastic Birthday Party!" If you do not plan to enclose in an envelope, you can use a ample pom pom as the annual center. For some added flair, attach the annual allure with a section of award to a lip appearance ring, canteen of attach brightness or a section of fun apparel jewelery. If you adopt to accept the allure in an envelope, use a beam or breath acrylic pen to trace the edges and to accomplish the annual center. If dry, abode in an envelope and allowance with a Polly Pocket sticker.

Create a blithe affection application "Polly World" as your inspiration. Re-create Club Groove. Adorn with affluence of balloons and streamers in neon pink, green, orange and purple. Use ample architecture cardboard flowers that imitate the allurement to adorn the wall. frozen birthday party ideas crafts Hang Christmas lights about the room. Accomplish use of any bean bag chairs, annual pillows and Polly Pocket toys and abstracts about the room. Adorn the access with a blithely coloured affiche assurance that say "Club Groove" and a applique or bean curtain. Add a absolute blue canal by Tie Dying 3 or 4 old bedsheets with the Mod neon colours. Use 1 as a tablecover and the blow as some awakening appliance covers. The final section would be a disco brawl or some affectionate of disco light.

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