Birthday Celebration Decoration Pictures


Birthday Celebration Decoration Pictures. The son wanted a shark-themed party for his sixth birthday. We decided to reduce your cost and host the celebration at our house. I wanted this to be special so I appeared on Pinterest for some suggestions. It was a lot of work however I love what we were able to perform! I designed the invites myself using Adobe Photoshop Elements. I like the text I came up with to incorporate the actual shark theme: JAWS-some, FIN-tastic, BITE.

Birthday Celebration Decoration Pictures. I saw a picture of the shark cutout that I enjoyed and did my better to sketch the same shark form onto a big piece of cardboard boxes. Then I used an X-Acto knife to cut it out as well as craft paints to color it. I hot cemented some triangle pieces of pressed paper to the back to stabilize that. I also bought a red plastic material table cloth at the dollar shop, trimmed it, and very hot glued it behind the particular jaws to provide a nice red-colored background.

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