camo party decorating ideas


camo party decorating ideas. Enthusiastic kids may like the contact of the wild and may would like to get in touch with nature for their birthday celebration. The ready availability of hide supplies can help you create a efficient camo and hunting birthday celebration for your child, whether he is a solid soldier or she is the diva hunter. Your request is the first indication which guests will have of the camouflage or hunting theme of your own party. Send guests invites that are printed on camouflage clothing card stock. Another option is by using colored card stock along with camouflage stickers or a pink camo tattoo. For an added contact, include the time on the invite in military time. You may even ask guests to come decked out in camouflage or military garb.

camo party decorating ideas. A camping location may provide an appropriate background for your hunting themed celebration. Lakes, ponds, community recreational areas or state parks offer other natural options. The banquet room may be offered at a local hunting lodge, army museum or veterans' middle. With enough creativity, you are able to transform your living room or even backyard into a hunting-themed area.

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